Rochester Scientific, LLC

It is a great pleasure to thank Rochester Scientific for their excellent and thorough work in analyzing optical pumping schemes for a range of atoms. Their results will have an important impact on our research and development of commercial applications. Dmitry Budker and Simon Rochester are truly experts in all aspects of atomic physics, and carry out their studies in meticulous detail. During their consulting work, we were able to find optimum solutions through back-and-forth communication, and the process was both efficient and enjoyable. I look forward to working with Rochester Scientific on future projects, and give them my highest recommendation.

Mark G. Raizen
Sid W. Richardson Foundation Regents Chair in Physics and Professor of Physics
The University of Texas at Austin

Our institute, the Thirty Meter Project (TMT) Corporation, contracted Rochester Scientific to perform the physical modeling of a pulsed guide star laser system and to perform tradeoff studies of the system’s performance in response to changes in several of the laser parameters. ... TMT hired Rochester Scientific to study the efficiency of a prototype pulsed laser in its coupling to the mesospheric sodium layer. This is a complex problem including many non-linearities that need to be captured by the physical modeling. Simon Rochester and Dmitry Budker are well known experts in the scientific community, and their expertise was most relevant for the successful modeling and study of our laser. The study took about four months to complete; Rochester Scientific provided us with weekly reports that allowed us to follow up the progress of the project and presented us with the opportunity to enhance the tradeoff study being conducted in light of new findings. Rochester Scientific was very good at accommodating new requests; their reports were all timely, complete, and well written.

We highly recommend Rochester Scientific for any work that involves physical modeling and visualization of complex physical processes in laser and photonics.

Brent Ellerbroek, Corinne Boyer and Angel Otarola
Adaptive Optics Team at the Thirty Meter Telescope Corp.