OpticalField[, a]
gives a complex time-dependent electric field with angular frequency , real amplitude a, and default polarization.
OpticalField[, a, pol]
gives a field with polarization parameters pol.
OpticalField[{, k), {a, }, pol]
gives a spatially dependent plane-wave field with angular wavenumber k and phase .
  • The following options can be given:
PolarizationVector{1, 0, 0}reference polarization vector
PropagationVector{0, 0, 1}unit wave vector
Parameterization"AngleEllipticity"parameterization scheme for polarization
CartesianCoordinates{Xx, Yy, Zz}symbols used to represent Cartesian coordinates
TimeVariableAutomaticsymbol used to represent the time variable
  • Possible values for the Parameterization option are "AngleEllipticity", "RatioPhase", and "Stokes".
  • The polarization of the field is specified in reference to the unit vectors , given by the value of the option PolarizationVector, and , where is the unit vector specified by the option PropagationVector.
  • In the "AngleEllipticity" parameterization, the polarization parameters pol are specified as {, }, where is the polarization angle (relative to with respect to rotation about ) and is the ellipticity, or as simply , with assumed to be zero.
  • In the "RatioPhase" parameterization, the polarization parameters are specified as {, }, where tan(chi)=a_2/a_1, and a_1 and a_2 are the field amplitudes of the components along and , respectively, and is the relative phase angle between the components. The parameters can also be specified simply as , with assumed to be zero.
  • In the "Stokes" parameterization, the polarization parameters are specified as {s1, s2, s3}, where s1, s2, and s3 are the normalized Stokes parameters relative to the axes and .
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Default optical field:
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Explicitly specify all parameters in the angle-ellipticity parameterization:
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If the ellipticity is omitted, it is assumed to be zero:
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